New Energy Fund

New Energy Fund (NEF) is a Special Closed-End Investment Fund, the first in Portugal and governed by CMVM, with the purpose of investing directly in projects related to energy production from the use of renewable energy sources, and with an asset portfolio of 50 M € currently under management.

NEF has started its business activity in November 2007, being incorporated with capital from 17 Portuguese and Spanish institutional investors, among which some Financial Institutions, Pension Funds Management Bodies, Insurance Companies and Family Offices.

NEF’s main activity is the search, assessment, and selection of projects developing and/or acting in the area of energy production from renewable energy sources and, at the same time, that allow for an adequate profitability of the invested capital.

The Fund operates in the different areas and technologies related to renewable energies, carrying out investments in companies positioned in the distinct stages of the value chain, that is, from technology development to its application and operation.

The Fund aims at investing in the following sectors of renewable energies, establishing at each moment the allocation per type of technology or power source used:

  • Biofuels and biomass
  • Wave energy
  • Water power, specialy mini-hydroplants
  • Sun power
  • Wind power

After three years of activity, NEF has assessed more than 100 investment opportunities and currently has around 35M€ engaged in 11 investment projects.