The growing international awareness of the reality of global climate changes, attached to the price volatility seen in the oil and gas markets, has clearly increased the global concerns as to the sustainable supply of energy at a reduced cost.

As a consequence, as far as some countries seek to protect their environment and, at the same time, create a set of safe alternatives, the policies to encourage the development of energy production based on renewable sources begin spreading all over the world.

The EU directive aimed at promoting the use of renewable sources is the main engine that drives the current European energy policy, and each member-state was asked to establish a specific proportion of its power consumption from renewable power sources until 2020.

Portugal’s goal in 2020 is to assure a position among the 5 European leaders at the level of the targets established for renewable energies, so the Portuguese Government has been praising the continuity and reinforcement of the investment in this sector, with the purpose of assuring, in 2020, the duplication of the ability to produce power from this type of sources and, in this way, to eliminate power imports (currently about 20% of overall consumption).