Luso Carbon Fund (LCF) is a private carbon fund, promoted by Banif, BES, and Fomentinvest;

LCF began its business operations in December 2006 with a capital of 30.7 million Euros, from 18 investors, including financial institutions, the Portuguese Government and some industries included in the EU ETS;

The increase in capital to €73,1 million Euros (the current capital) took place in July 2008.

Its main business is investing in projects that contribute towards a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, under the scope of the flexibility mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol: CDM and JI,

  • Signing Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPAs) for the purchase of carbon credits from CDM and JI projects;
  • Acquiring positions in the capital of CDM or JI projects;

The credits purchased by LCF will be used to compliance obligations under the Kyoto Protocol.