MCO2 – Sociedade Gestora de Fundos de Investimento Mobiliário, S.A. (MCO2) is a company formed to manage collective investment bodies (Investment Funds), specialized in the management of assets contributing for a sustainable development directed to greenhouse gas emission reductions.

The solutions to address climate changes involve governments, international organizations, the public in general, and private capital companies, to which group MCO2 belongs as a managing body.

The opportunities generated by the new energy paradigm resulting from the world-wide transition to a low-carbon economy have made space to new investment opportunities. MCO2 was incorporated to integrate the specific valences of the environment and renewable energy areas with the financial and asset management areas, and so it has built a team eager to act in this new market.

This way, MCO2 promotes a highly specialized management of funds which investment policy is directed specifically towards the selection of assets and projects in the areas of renewable energies and the environment.

Currently, MCO2 manages two funds which, by its innovation and approach to investment, are a reference in the area of environment and asset management.

Luso Carbon Fund (LCF)’s purpose is the investment in the carbon market through the acquisition of Greenhouse Gas emission reduction credits, generated under the Kyoto Protocol, and based on the Clean Development Mechanisms and the Joint Implementation Mechanisms.

New Energy Fund has an investment strategy aimed at the participation in renewable energy projects, covering the whole of the value chain, including technology development and its application and operation.